Regio Meeting München/Südbayern

18.07.2023 17:30 - 18.07.2023 19:30

Topic: Battle of the databases: HA concepts of Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL


In this regio meeting we fundamentally look at the HA concepts of Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL. We present the architectures and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the respective solutions. In the first part, we will give a short overview of solutions like RAC, DataGuard, MySQL Replication, the InnoDB Cluster or PostgreSQL Log-Shipping and PostgreSQL Hot Standby. In the second part we would like to contrast and compare these concepts.

The products will be represented by:

Oracle – Klaus Reimers, ORRDIX AG

MySQL – Matthias Jung or Raphael Salguero

PostgreSQL – Dennis Vinueza

All colleagues have many years of experience within the respective products and hold appropriate trainings on these topics.

Discussions and questions are explicitly welcome.



Hochschule München

Gebäude R, R4.079

Lothstraße 64
80335 München

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